Hello and welcome to Kev’s Key Largo Living.

People cross our lives every day, some for only a brief moment in time, perhaps only for a few hours or just a few minutes.  The extraordinary thing about these personal events is they can change our life direction. Now, I never thought of having a blog, in fact I have never read one, and here I am with my own website and writing my first blog in Cyber-world. Let me explain.

My wife Amy and I were visiting, once again, the Florida Keys Brewing Company, and it was there while having a couple of pints of their excellent beer that we met another couple, who among other things enjoy cooking and creating sauces like Amy and I do.  As the conversations went on we discovered they were indeed into sauces, in fact one of their sauces is a hot sauce bottled in Florida, sold in parts of Florida, in a few other States, and in a couple of countries as well.

It was this chance meeting with strangers, discussing cooking and sauce making, that prompted this web page and blog.  The couple we met creates and markets Bone Lee’s Gourmet Hot Sauce, which originated with Bone Lee here in the Florida Keys.

Before we said our goodbyes (we had sat together for about 45 minutes chatting), we were given a bottle of their hot sauce to try.  For some unexplained reason, this happenstance meeting and the gift of this hot sauce prompted me to start documenting my cooking and to start writing about dishes that Amy and I make.

Electronics is my professional background, with an extra degree in Global and Cultural Studies focused in Anthropology-not in cooking. I am not a professional chef, but I truly enjoy cooking and creating a variety of food. My passion over the years has led me to use solely Cast Iron dishes for baking, grilling, smoking and cooking.

Amy’s background is Information Technology with her BA and MS in that field. She is our WebMaster and site creator; she is the instigator getting me to blog on what we create.

Amy and I have a love of the Florida Keys and moved to Key Largo awhile back. The vision I have for this blog is to, from time to time, prepare and cook meals at various beautiful places here in the Keys. I also would like to share the beauty of the Keys in this blog.

I do like to write, and write, and write some more.  I will share some of my Short Stories and I will have a section on Human Interest Stories. These latter stories will come from people I meet and interview here in the Florida Keys.

I hope you find the time to look this site over, find some good food and sauces to make at home, enjoy our photos of the beautiful Florida Keys, and read about people who come to the Keys for a slew of different reasons.

Thanks for being here, Kevin



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